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but im more than jus a lil curious!!

~O-NaNa~ aka *Joanna*
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ME! well okay ima pretty koo person once ya gits 2 noe me...... VERY open minded, kind, friendly, nice, bitchy at times lol, hipper , can git out of hand, etc...... u git it!! =)
jus noe when u git me started, u git me started and theres NO STOPPIN ME!! <~~~ im lettin u noe ahead of time LoL
im pretty much down 4 ANYTHING!!! im into anythin and everythin. MUZIC iz basically wut I LIVE 4, i wanna b a muzic producer. i listen 2 all kinds of muzic..... all of it!!

sum things up a bit.....

NAME: Joanna Marie...... aawww how purrty
AGE: 19....... thats right im "GROWN" BITCHzz!! lol
SEXUALITY: bi.... ima GReeDY WHOrE!!
STATUS: TaKen....... MaRRiED 2 Mi WiFE aka MONiCA
RACE: filipino/ hawaiian / puerto rican...... hasta el fin!!.... BITCHzz
PIERCED: lip, tongue, bottom of belly button, ear holes r stretched (00g), BOTH NiPPLeS
TATTS: a skull and crossbones (on inner wrist)...... a TriBaL HeaRt (lower back right ankle)......
"O-NaNa" (right above Mi private area hehe)....... SKeLeToN (on left ribs)

hit me up ANY time FoOLiE-O's!!
i DONT BITE!! but if u want me 2 hehe

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............. thats right BiTCHzz!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com ......... its a FAMILIA thing

purrty much all i do is......

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ME & JoSHy BoY ♥
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aaawww how i MiSS RiCHARD ♥
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